We hate dating apps.

So, we created a new way to meet people – and it feels a lot like the old way. Radar simply makes your nights out more interesting, and helps your love-life feel authentic again.  

Step one:

Choose a Hotspot.

Heading out for a night on the town? Check the Hotspot map to see where single people are hanging out now. Browse the “Hottest” (our recommendations) or “Closest”.  It’s the answer to that age-old question, “Where should we go out tonight?”

Step two:

Check in.

Once you arrive, check-in to join the Hotspot. We’ll give you some stats about who’s there. Oh – don’t forget to invite your friends! This isn’t a date, it’s just a night out meeting new people.

Step three:


“Smile” at someone – they just may smile back! If you aren’t interested, you can “Ignore” a user to remove them from your list (and vice versa). Only users within your actual eyesight are revealed – move around and mingle!

Coming soon:

Augmented reality.

The future of digital is augmented reality. Want to quickly see who’s single and interested? We’re developing augmented reality software that makes the process of ‘scanning the bar’ quick, fun, and high-tech.

Women rule.

Radar is created by women, so it is designed with women’s comfort and safety in mind. Women get to set rules for who can view them on the app, such as “Only men I smile at”, or “Only men I have mutual friends with”.

Don’t worry, fellas – we strongly believe that if Radar is an app that women like to use, you’ll want to use it too.

Because dating apps suck.


Misleading photos.

Even if they’re not a “catfish,” chances are your date isn’t who you imagined.


Lame profiles.

Real talk: Can we agree that we’re all bad at writing about ourselves?



Hiding behind technology brings out the worst in some of us.


Wasted time.

So much time is wasted messaging with strangers you have no interest in.

Radar is better.


No messages.

That means no wasted time, no trolls, no harrassment. Radar profiles are designed to spark real-life conversation.


Photos don’t matter.

Radar users meet each other for the first time in person. This means there’s no misrepresentation or catfishing.


No bios.

Simple emoji-based personality profiles eliminate the need for any writing about yourself.


Meet offline.

Meet new people the way you prefer – naturally and serendipitously, in person.

Simple profiles. No chat.

On Radar, users can’t message each other. We want to promote real-life interactions, and discourage harassment. Instead, profiles are all about sparking conversation! Even if you didn’t get a chance to say hello to someone you match with, Radar gives you some ideas about where you may bump into that person again.

Also, you don’t have to write about yourself (and frankly, no one wants to read it!). Just use emoji badges to describe your personality, and what you like to do. Building a (not-cringe-worthy) profile has never been so fun and simple.

Join the waitlist.

Radar will launch early 2018 in New York City.

Not in NYC? Joining the waitlist helps us know that you want Radar to launch in your city. The more people who sign up, the faster we can launch! We’ll let you know when Radar is available in the app store.

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